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KFX Clan HQ.

-=!K.F.X.!=- 2001 - 2013

-=!K.F.X.!=- 2001 - 2013
PC Hardware

Welcome to the KFX clan HQ!
Membership requirements are:
A Good nature!!
An ability to win!!

Clan NewZ!
CnC 3 Kanes Wrath: Current score
Braffus 14 Most used unit type. MARV.
Shuffla 7 Most Used Unit type Scrin stealth missile launchers
Hurreekane AWOL
Games in session:
Black Ops 2
Saints Row 3
Aliens Colonial Marines
CNC Generals 2 Screenshot


KiLLaH FX Members

Looking for forum host and moderators contact me at the email link at bottom of page!

Email ShuFFz here!!!

Nvidia USA
Nvidia USA